Liner notes / production notes

Liner notes

Telling friends about my new album they asked me about the musical style. “Let’s say ambient” I used to respond, feeling a bit uncertain about this kind of description of the thing I’ve created.
But how would I describe this piece of music?
First I have to mention that I avoid playing the guitar mostly although I’m a guitar player. My approach to music is quite different not playing my main instrument. So I tried to use mainly synthesized sounds to create a certain kind of melancholic feeling causing goose bumps – that was my main goal. Then I listened to the soundscapes and let my heart decide when sounds should change. I wanted to have the opportunity and time to perceive every different colour of the used layers.
Till crossed my way searching for a new approach to music in general. He decided to develop some lines, arranging and recording these in my studio. We created six unique pieces of music, far away from any intention to reach a mainstream success: voyages through different styles and dynamic ranges, put together to a musical continuum with ascending and descending arcs of suspense, no matter how long they will take. We turned every musical note, every noise, every wanted musical unperfectness, every rhythmical figure upside down, struggling for an agreement of the right musical expression related to every tune.
At last here it is, after lots of time, heart blood, passion and hard work, the best we can offer for this moment: a mixture of different styles, topped with real instruments, taking you on a surprising trip, a real musical CHIMERA.

Winfried Pfeuffer, July 2014

Production notes

All Compositions and Arrangements by The Mold.

The Mold are:

  • Tilman Müller: Trumpet, Piano, Bass, Noises
  • Winfried Pfeuffer: Electric Guitar, Slide Guitar, Bass, Synthesizers, Piano, Sound Creation, Programming, Mixing, Mastering, Production, Concept

Special appearance:

  • Gerhard Caesar: Bass Clarinet on “Anthem”


  • Eduardo Ballester-Franzoni, a Mexican artist who I met in Bratislava, for getting himself in for CHIMERA and painting a gorgeously uncommon cover, inspired by the music itself,
  • my Munich Cousin Ed Schmitt for sending me superb poems especially designed for CHIMERA,
  • Jochen Kleinhenz for organizing cover art, printing and website,
  • my Brazilian studio mate and long time musical companion Mic Lochner for supporting and initializing the project,
  • Michael Rau and Florian Seeber, my German studio colleagues, for helping me to get this project fixed,
  • the pupils at the Privates Internatsgymnasium Schloss Torgelow for developing song title and cover ideas.

Tilman Müller would like to thank Gitte for putting up with a trumpet and its player.
Winfried Pfeuffer would like to thank Julia.
Tilman and Winfried would like to thank everybody else not mentioned here.

All the stuff was made at
Frequenz 222 Studios, Unterdürrbacher Straße 222, 97082 Würzburg, Germany.