The Mold are

Tilman Müller, trumpet player

  • played the theme of “Wetten dass” (ZDF), has been heard in TV and Cinema productions as “Tatort” (ARD), “Regina auf den Stufen” (ZDF), “Der Papagei” (ZDF), “Terra X” (ZDF), „Drei gegen Troja“ (ZDF); „Thea und Nat“ (ZDF)
  • worked on several CD and broadcast productions
  • was invited to the SWR New Jazz Meeting 2007
  • worked with, Chaka Khan, Curt Cress, Jennifer Rush, Konstantin Wecker, Günter Baby Sommer, Metropol Ensemble Nürnberg, Conexion Latina, Ciancarlo Schiaffini, Claudio Puntin, Mal Waldron, Bernd Konrad, Charles Hayward, ICD Ensemble Munic, Marque Gilmore, the Stuttgarter and Würzburger Philharmoniker, Fred Frith etc.
Winfried Pfeuffer, guitarist, producer

  • owner of sound studios in Würzburg, Germany, and Pomerode, Brasil
  • played 1500 shows with a huge variety of bands in different styles like Jazz, Folk, Heavy Metal, Bossa Nova, World Music etc in Brasil, Russia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Austria and Germany
  • worked with Mousse T., the brasilian Acts Helena Brown and Banda Cavalinho, the film musician Ulrich Reuter, the russian band „Revolver“, „Schuld war nur der Bossa Nova“ Manuela, the Stadttheater Würzburg etc.

Both are represented on numerous CD productions and appeared in TV and Radio programs of different countries.